Previous Events

Launch: Open House
August 2012 

Over a hundred people attended to celebrate the new home for Queer Youth Space. Food, live music, and community building and even an official Queer Youth Space Day? We have it! Now let’s do something amazing with it.

SuperQueeroes Summit
August 2012

A celebration of arts, activism and community!  Youth and Adult Allies were brought together at NW Photo Center to hear astounding queer youth preformances. Discuss police brutality with Queer Sumer Organizing Lab (QSOL) Participants. Attend a theater workshop with Queer Teen Ensemble Theater, and chat about political activism with The Washington Bus. Not to mention a enjoy a plethora of food and enjoy queer’d space for our clothing swap.

Broadway Pride
June 2012

We created a temporary artist space for young people to socialize and create new forms of activism mediums. We actively reclaimed space and made it despite a heteronormative world.  Thanks for all those who came to say hang out with us and the National Task Force for the collaboration you all demonstrated.

90′s Cover Night: QYS + Ground Zero
January 3, 2012

Thank you Ground Zero and all the work you do for young people. We had a 90′s cover night and showcase to raise funds for the amazing campaign we have embarked on for a physical home. We raised over $300 dollars thanks to over fifty young people and their adult allies.

Queer Feast
November 25, 2011

This weekend is always full of emotional and politically charged moments, especially for queer young people without biological families. We provided a critical home reception to an amazing and conscious audience. We came together to cook veggie foods and baked goods. We made sure we had our food handler permits at the right moments, and could not have pulled of this free event without the stocked kitchen of University Christian. Thank you to the over eighty young people who showcased our collective political and cultural home.

Queers in Space
April 15, 2011

LICK! and QYS teamed up in an amazing night of groovy tunes and pop hits. A photo-booth, space gear, and  the wonderful venue of the Vera Project provided a fun and groovy time for those often separated by 21+ establishments and queer functions.

Re-Thinking “Gay Marriage”
March 25, 2011

Thank you Against Equality and Ryan Conrad. We could not have pulled off this skill share and dialogue series without the in-depth analysis and thought provoking discussion on capitalism, gay marriage, and the non-profit industrial sector. Young people from throughout the region came out to learn how to silk-screen, button make, and connect in a politically conscious venue. Thank you Hollow Earth Radio for the space to connect young people to each other!

Jumble Rummage Sales
Spring 2011 and Fall 2011

Over 400 young people and youth allies sifted through tons of tweed coats, baked good, folk music, and their own powerful resiliency during the two rummage sales we offered. We held this event for queer youth to claim space, develop community, and find a new pair of boots or two! All clothes were provided to the community for free, and donations were graciously collected during the entire event.

Queers and Quiche with Kate Bornstein
December 5, 2010

Queers and Quiche with Kate was a awesome free and  all-ages community writing workshop that was sponsored by Ingersoll Gender Center and us. Led by the fabulous author, playwright and gender theorist, Kate Bornstein, this ‘Hello Cruel World for Writers’ workshop brought together over 30 members of the community to write, heal, and create.

Let’s Hear It! Open Mic
November 4, 2010

With the media hype and focus on queer youth suicides, those bullied for being queer or perceived to be queer experience a lot of complex feelings. Thus, over eighty queer young people came together at this event to listen and perform for each other. We watched, participated,  jived and surrounded ourselves around the community to create everyday action. This free, all-ages open mic was a great time to celebrate queer youth resiliency. Thank you Hidmo Ethiopian Restaurant.

Pink Prom
May 29, 2010

Pink Prom was a night of getting groovy to Lady Gaga, Frank Sinatra, and other pop icons. The fabulous Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, guest DJ’s who graciously volunteered their time for queer youth, and of course, the over 250 queer youth stomping the yard. It was a powerful event that brought together young people not traditionally served.

Still Screaming! Open Mic
April 17, 2010

Let’s Get Loud! Still Screaming was a free all-ages open mic and (fabulous) night of baked goods, spoken word, music, queer shenanigans and youth mingling. Oh, how queer of us! Over eighty young people and community allies attended our first QYS event, strutting their talents and quirks and forging a community future with all of us.

The Mutiny
February 20, 2010.

This is it where it all started. The Mutiny was a queer youth forum led and organized by queer youth. Queer youth told their community that they, “feel disconnected from the queer community,” and that “it is hard to meet people” and that many queer events “aren’t for queer youth.” We identified two huge demands at the forum: (1) community organizing that is youth-positive and youth-led, and (2)  a cultural gathering space created by-and for- queer youth. Through this event, the Queer Youth Space’ THREE WINGS model of youth-development and organizing was crafted.