QSOL 2012

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Space is only one piece of the puzzle. To create lasting change that challenges oppression, queer youth must be visionaries, leaders, organizers and advocates for their communities.

Aiming to equip our peers with the tools to be powerful leaders, QYS is proud to launch our first Queer Summer Organizing Lab (QSOL),  a paid, eight week summer program for queer and trans* youth that combines dynamic anti-oppression education with real-world organizing skills. The program culminates in a one-day activism conference for the community that is organized and led by the members of QSOL.

(Note: Because heteroseism, transphobia and ageism are not the only oppressions that queer youth face, QSOL emphasizes anti-racist and anti-classist organizing as key parts of our work.)

Congrats QSOL 2012 Participants:

2012 applications are currently closed, but if you are interested in the information that we have talked about all of our resources will be listed under the resource page.

Please stay tuned or join our email list for more information on the next years QSOL!