Allies & Partners

Since its inception, QYS has developed supportive and collaborative relationships with a host of established organizations including the Safe Schools Coalition, The Northwest Network, the American Friends Service Committee, the Vera Project, Put This On the Map, Reteaching Gender and Sexuality, the City of Seattle’s LGBTQ Commission, King County’s Community Organizing Program, Bend-It, Seattle Central Community College’s Triangle Club, the Q-Center at the University of Washington, and many more.

While far from a complete list, we’ve identified the following organizations are fantastic resources for queer young people in Seattle. If you would like to submit another resource, please contact us.

All-Ages Movement Project is a network of community-based organizations that connect young people through independent music and art.

Bend-It is a queer artist activist collective that makes the world a more fabulous place by building welcoming, liberated spaces, strengthening community, and creating meaningful alternatives for queer young people and their friends.

F.U.S.S. (Femmes United in Solidatity and Support) is a community and activist group for self-identified queer femmes of all genders that celebrates and challenges ideas of FEMME identity through social activities, events, dialogue, art and radical action.

Ground Zero Teen Center is an awesome center on the east side that blends youth connection with music and action.

Photo Center NW works to advance the study, practice, and appreciation of fine art and documentary photography through education, exhibitions, access to photographic facilities and public programs.

Pride Foundation inspires a culture of generosity that connects and strengthens Northwest organizations, leaders, and students who are creating LGBTQ equality.

Reel Grrls empowers young women from diverse communities to realize their power, talent and influence through media production.

Seattle DIY is a collective whose mission is to promote and support the DIY ethos and its associated growing community in Seattle, hopefully leading to greater communication, participation, and collaboration.

Seattle Education Access is a great non-profit that helps young people succeed in education and personal growth.

Seattle Young People’s Project is a youth-led, adult supported organization that empowers youth (ages 13-18) to express themselves and to take action on the issues that affect their lives.

Youngstown Cultural Art Center offers innovative arts, education and outreach programs presented in conjunction with Youngstown tenants, program partners, community groups, and individual artists to increase opportunities for people to express and define themselves and enrich the quality of life for the surrounding community, especially the lives of young people.