The Space



911 E Pike St, Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.

Existing all-ages spaces draw a crowd that many times perpetuates a fair amount of heterosexism. The 21+ queer community has a variety of entertainment options (bars, clubs, various queer-related concerts, sports teams, etc.), queer youth are consistently denied access – through explicit age restrictions and through other barriers, like location and cost, that discourage young people from attending.

With cultural arts, paid work, and a general place to socialize and work, our safe is free, accesible, visible and affirming, and community-minded. As a community venue, we provide queer youth with opportunities to build communities and enact change.

Such a physical space allows us to challenge entrenched heterosexism in more powerful ways than purely temporary venues. What our space’s form promises to be is something very special and very queer: a space that (by definition) cannot be measured, traced, or pinned down.

Come see it for yourself.