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Take a look  around at QYS’ new website! It has been a long time coming. With all the new activity within QYS we felt we need a website to match the direction of our organization.

We would like to launch a huge thank you to Scott Davis from “BLCK SMTH: Hand Forged Websites” for not only cooperating with us to use his amazing skill to design a unique website that matches our unique organization but also for working with queer youth volunteers to teach us how to use wordpress and sustain the website. If you are looking for an affordable fab website please check out his page by clicking on the picture below.

The QYS team is also very excited to be interacting on a new level through the blog on this website! Board members, volunteers, and adult allys will begin writing consistent blog post form their perspective. We look forward to sharing each step of the process as we build a cultural arts center to embrace the queer youth community of seattle.

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